Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yamaha Scorpio Modified 2010 Air Craft

Yamaha Scorpio a red light with bright light, this is motorbike yamaha scorpio have the modification by imitating the style of fighter. yamaha scorpio is designed with a pointed body, such as aircraft body.
because the owner of this bike loved the fighter so he made a yamaha scorpio is a fighter. fuel tank custom made according to the motor body shape, so look berotot.swing arm replaced with a much more robust so as to safer driving in high speed.

and the most important of these modifications in addition to the curve of the body also made sporty color combinations of paint. scorpio yamaha motor gave it the color combination of black, red, and silver. enough so the information and we can see from this scorpio yamaha modifications could be inspiration modify your bike in early 2010.


Modifikasi Motor