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Modifikasi F1Z R 1998 Green body

Gambar Modifikasi Yamaha F1Z R 1998 Green body
Modifikasi F1Z R 1998 Green body
One again of Yamaha ago, The Yamaha F1z R 1998 racing velg cool body green paint. Crome Knalpot is very sweet. This motorcycle look classic bike modify.

Modifikasi Honda Megapro 2008 Velg Racing

Modifikasi Honda Megapro very sport racing. Velg Racing Is very Dominant in modifikasi motor. And than new Fairing very sweet for modified.
Modifikasi Honda Megapro 2008 Velg Racing Back Body is more high so racing Knalpot follow high to. This motorcycles is very sweet sporty.

Modifikasi Kawasaki Athlete 125 cc R 2009 Hi rider

To acceptable the day at a time so Pagelaran Jakarta Pekan Raya Jakarta (PRJ) PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia (KMI) assume to appetite to accord article special.For the amphitheatre PRJ this time, the facelift of KMI abstain motor action andalannya the Athlete.
Gambar Modifikasi Kawasaki Athlete 125 cc R 2009 Hi rider
Modifikasi Kawasaki Athlete 125 cc R 2009
"We menghadrikan striping new, added contemporary for the PRJ this time," said Manager of Marketing and Research Development KMI Freddyanto Basuki is in amid in PRJ Kemayoran, Jakarta.Striping from the Amateur according to Freddy this is advised to actualize the attending of this motor action abstain so the added up to date. For abutting kawasaki abecedarian is kawasaki amateur 125R or 150 cc, 150R.Like that was accustomed by us kawasaki Abecedarian in armed the accoutrement 125cc that could after-effects the adeptness of 10 adjustable phones to 8000 rpm. Indeed was not too big but remembered that the appetite kawasaki Amateur was the accustomed abstain exchange like Supra fit, Jupiter Z, Shogun or Honda Supra as the giant's adeptness not all of his adhering in this delivery but the achievability and affluence that played an important role.
Modifikasi Kawasaki Athlete 125 cc R 2009 Hi rider
Modifikasi Kawasaki Athlete 125 cc R 2009
This was authentic with the appearance of bifold disc brakes that actually adjoining pengoprasian him added was attainable than the ballast tromol the accomplishment of this motor afresh additionally was added up. The position of the cessation monoshock that bisected of the beddy-bye (like to Ducati Monster 696) enabled the authoritarian bermanufer added adjustable and added able compared to the motor with the vertical suspension.

Honda Phantom Thailand Modification 2009

Gambar Honda Phantom Thailand Modification 2008
This is Honda Phantom Thailand Modification 2008. Honda Phantom is the best accepted big motorbike in Thailand and called as admired touring bike. Built beneath authorization actuality in Thailand they are boxy bikes, ultra reliable with a actual acceptable about-face of acceleration and aloft all actual adequate to ride. Also, in the actual absurd accident of automated abortion they can be repaired about anywhere in Thailand.

2009 Honda Phantom 200cc Specification:

Engine Type: 4 Speed, SOHC

Volume Engine: 196.9 CC

Bore x Stroke: 63.5 x 62.2 mm

Cooling System: Air Pendigin

Compression ratio: 9.0: 1

Transmission: 6 speed

Ignition system: CDI

Honda Phantom Thailand Modification 2008

Busi: DPR8EA-9 (NGK) or X24EPR-U9 (DENSO)

Dimension (LxWxH): 775 x 2256 x 1085 mm

The caster arbor distance: 1505 mm

Empty weight: 140 kg

Frame Type: –

Suspension Front: Telescopic

Rear Suspension: Dual Rear Shock Absorbers

Brakes Front: Disc Brake (Dual agent caliper)

Rear brake: Disc Brake (Dual agent caliper)

Tires Front: 90 / 90 to 17 M / C 49P (tubeless)

Rear tire: 130 / 90 to 15 M / C 66P (tubeless)

Tank Capacity: 11.2 Liters

Electrical: MF 12 Volt - 4.5 Ah

Fuel: Gasoline Without Lead, up 91 Octane

Friday, October 30, 2009

Modifikasi Yamaha Majesty Design Custom Kings

Have you ever seen a contrived skutik so big scooter (skusar) as Scooter Majesty? Admittedly, Majesty was the inspiration to the formation of this skusar figure.
To be added long, the framework of constrained delay in accordance with gede body that will be built. Central framework under floordeck a single 2.5-inch pipe size is not enough convicted.
Modifikasi Yamaha Majesty Design CustomWhat's on your mind when hear the word 'Japan'? Countries with the progress and sophistication of the technology but still in harmony side by side with the uniqueness of its culture. Or one of the country now began to be regarded as a center of world fashion trends. Or maybe one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world.
Modifikasi Yamaha Majesty Design Custom
Well, all of the above items is generally a fairly accurate description of Japan, especially for the latter. As one of the largest automakers, the Japanese managed to export its products to various countries of this world dibelahan. Even managed to dominate the market in several countries. Various types of motor vehicles, both four-wheel or two wheels of various kinds helped enliven the world automotive market. In addition to the car or motorcycle itself, there is one thing that is interesting enough to be observed, namely country-style modification of the rising sun. Style outfit that recently began participating outbreaks in various parts of the world, including Indonesia.

Modifikasi Motor Honda Vario 2008 Low Rider

Low rider handlebars combined with muscular compact sport scent, but taped a classic retro speedometer typical.
Modifikasi Motor Honda Vario 2008 Low Rider

Modifikasi Motor Honda Vario

Meanwhile, the two auto on either ancillary of the metal bowl is affiliated application 2 cm blubbery which serves as a handle. Thus, the absolute breadth of 50 cm of iron, anniversary 25 cm to the larboard and appropriate of the centermost drum. To install the wheels, arbor ambit antecedent adjournment charge be fabricated first. In this action takes bifold Andit degeneration.

Though different from concept, changes that make the Vario looks so fresh and interesting. Plan design refers to the handlebars more naked hot rods on the style. Purpose let memorable stout. But it turned out so cute.

Modipikasi Motor Honda Vario 2008 Low Rider

Modification of the motor acceptable unstoppable. Honda Vario can be conjured up a different ride. David's Honda Vario Laibahas this example, adapted so has three auto in the rear. Stud modification of the A-Custom Surabaya is said, from the third caster in the average of the tires alone active.

Modifikasi Motor Honda Vario

Different afresh with modifications of the 2006 Honda Vario Sumedang this, you could say appealing extreme. Uniqueness, Haukur Darmawan, the modificator basic a low-rider scooter, aloof alfresco of the accepted flow. Then, the rear anchor arrangement is additionally not uncommon, including basic wear-wheel drive car.Generally, modification of low-rider backed by accretion the rear wheel-retreat retreat additional the agent shifts.

Modifikasi Honda Astrea Grand 1994|Motor 100 cc

Honda Astrea Grand is a 100cc motorcycle bearing of Honda's appealing tough. You could say as boxy Supra X. 100cc Honda agent that was altered from the Honda 100cc agent that now. Added absolutely the purpose of Astrea Grand saia and Supra X has performed bigger than the Fit X and Revo. For those of you who've approved the four motors are, of advance apperceive the difference.

Modifikasi Honda Astrea Grand 1994

Do not let the motor afterwards carburetor filters. Can accident the agent because of dust and clay into the fuel. As a result, authoritative the butt liner blisters. So do not balloon to install the carburetor clarify variations in Honda Astrea Grand carburetor afterwards alteration the RX 100.

Estimated cost:

Refining the assimilation assorted = Rp 30,000

Karbu Yamaha RX 100 = Rp 140.000

Filter carburetor aberration = Rp 30,000

Total = ± Rp 200.000

Modifikasi Honda Astrea Grand 1994

In adjustment to accomplish added able Grand Astrea again, there are several accomplish that charge be done. First, assimilation assorted (goose neck) smoothed by abrading cardboard (cost ± Rp3orebu). Still not satisfied, the accepted carburetor Carburetor can be replaced with Yamaha's RX 100 (cost ± Rp140rebu). Guaranteed dispatch increases. Honda Fit X and Revo will not be able to accumulate up. Because the acceleration of X and Revo Fit afterwards casual a cardinal 95km/hour, the ascent actual slow. In fact, sometimes it is not increased. This is because there CDI Fit limiter on X and Revo.

Modifikasi Motor Minerva 250 cc Wallpaper 2009

In agreement of appearance, it is bright that blubbery aroma of Europe. Framework of a apparent blush grille with a appropriate dejected bike from the mainland. Minerva's alpha to accomplish the motor in cooperation with a German architect of motorcycles, Sachs. The best accessible is MadAss. But the bang is the best bogus motor instead of adjoining countries, namely R150. Contempt could not stop the amount of sales of motor archetype of the Honda CBR 150. But the unique, this blazon does not backpack Sachs basic Minerva in added words only. Similarly, archetype the allegorical motorcycle 200 cc capacity, fabricated additionally by the Minerva with a little bit like a T200.

Modifikasi Motor Minerva 250 cc Wallpaper

Gear Transmission: 5 Speed

Gear Shift Pattern: 1-N-2-3-4-5

Gear Ratio: 1st - 2.769

2nd - 1.722

3rd - 1.318

4th - 1.125

5th - 0.962

Engine Type: SOHC, Air Cooled with Advanced Balancer Shaft

Bore x Stroke (mm): 72.5 x 59.8

Displacement (cc): 247

Compression Ratio: 11,2:1

Carburettor Type: MV 30 P

Max Power (Hp / RPM): 20.5 / 8500

Max Torque (NM / RPM): 18/6000

Lubrication System: Forced & Wet Sump

Clutch: Wet Type & Multi Plates

Modifikasi Motor Minerva 250 cc Wallpaper

Minerva is a artistic footfall deserves thumbs up. With 3 altered types of full-fairing action bike 250R 28.9 million, naked bike 250S 25.9 million, and supermoto with a 250M dibanderoli 26.9 million. Prices are on the alley in Jakarta. Base enginenya no altered back empiric with the added one, which distinguishes the sleeve. Enginenya themselves tracked bounded motor manufacturers fabricated Thailand, Tiger. Design of Megelli (UK), installed some framenya allows the agent accommodation alignment from 50 to 250 cc. So what distinguishes it so adjustable is the agent cradle. However, the third this bike accumulated in Indonesia.

New Modifikasi Motor Suzuki Shogun SP 125 CC

Modifikasi Motor Suzuki Shogun SP 125 CC
Modifikasi Motor Suzuki Shogun SP 125 CC

This Motor, Suzuki SHOGUN 125 assembly in 2006. Junipriyoko the works that admiring the owners ditantang appearance sport. Initially, Okoy - Junipriyoko accustomed disapa - about-face the academician because aback menjajalkan rim and sokbreker upside bottomward from the Suzuki GSX 400, bang with the adjustment and the ambit the caster axis. Color on the avoid Kawasaki. However, a glance to the beat arm (swing arm) and sokbreker front, additional tires penghenti clip with the advanced of the arrangement deejay that wide, I do. What motor, possibly?

"If the ambit of accepted council caster is, the attending so strange. Finally, the rear auto had dimundurin few centimeters, "dust is the ancestor of the child. Council caster ambit into the administration basic because that does not change much, the admeasurement should be the aforementioned as the default.

In actuality there is a band-aid if you appetite to accumulate banishment the ambit line. "But this was not done because of the accident rada. Technique with the cut-arm swing, "says Okoy. He charge cut off my arm Aprilia 125, akan Moreover alternate strength.

Body is now authentic conception Okoy. "But afterwards aggregate is installed, appearance curiosity. Bantet appearance (not expand) inasmuch as abbreviate body, "tingling Okoy. Solutions begin with the crane sepatbor back.

Concerning the blush green, not in actuality aggressive from Kawasaki. Thus the latest articles from Yamaha that he said has not been abundant imitated. He uses Sikkens, But not until all the anatomy rim.

Benarkan, abounding anticipate that this Kawasaki motorcycle because, in accession to blush is additionally adequate with the Kawasaki Ninja. (Nurfil)

Suzuki Shogun 125 DATA Modifications:

Tire front: Battlax 120/60-17

Rear tire: Battlax 150/60-14

Pelek: Suzuki GSX400

Upside down: Suzuki GSX400

Handlebar: Suzuki GSX400

Swing-arm: Aprilia 125

Sok back: Aprilia 125

Rem: Suzuki GSX400

Body: Custom

Radiator: Jupiter MX 135LC

Spidometer: Satria F-150

Footstep: Aprilia 250In the framework of the conception dialkukan back. This is done because gas catchbasin and appendage charge be cut slightly. To sasis Okoy use berdiameter aqueduct 2 inches and the acid is done to acclimatize the architecture of the adapted body.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Spesifikasi dan Harga Kawasaki Edge baru, Penerus Motor Kawasaki Kaze

Kawasaki Edge baru
Kawasaki more serious work on the motor segment duck. Beginning next year, plans to launch Edge Kawasaki. This new variant has a specification that is said quite sophisticated and competitive prices.
Indeed there has been no official release of the Kawasaki about the specifications and price edge.
But, bocorannya, this motor has a capacity of 112 cc engine but gives a chance to fill the 110 cc class. While price range will be released in harga Rp 12-13 juta. Kawasaki is synonymous with motor sport. However, that does not mean they do not want to work on the duck market. The proof, Kawasaki feel confident with the presence of his new duck, which is the Edge Kawasaki Kaze successor.
This was said by the Marketing Department Head PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia, Agus Santoso, on the sidelines of the inauguration Kawasaki dealership Fatmawati, South Jakarta, late last week.
Although, continued Agus, if done with the komeptitor comparison, Kawasaki was still in fourth place with other Japanese manufacturers like Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki.
Therefore, although the new Edge launched next year, but the spirit of these had already been felt in the body of PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia, so they are optimistic that 2009 sales target this year would be achieved, namely as many as 60,000 units

Saturday, October 10, 2009

New Honda Vario

The New Honda Vario is facelift of the previous one and rumored as the highest version ever of Vario itself.
The new Vario will apply new technology called Combi Brake to make the distribution power brake would similar to both brake.