Friday, October 30, 2009

Modifikasi Honda Astrea Grand 1994|Motor 100 cc

Honda Astrea Grand is a 100cc motorcycle bearing of Honda's appealing tough. You could say as boxy Supra X. 100cc Honda agent that was altered from the Honda 100cc agent that now. Added absolutely the purpose of Astrea Grand saia and Supra X has performed bigger than the Fit X and Revo. For those of you who've approved the four motors are, of advance apperceive the difference.

Modifikasi Honda Astrea Grand 1994

Do not let the motor afterwards carburetor filters. Can accident the agent because of dust and clay into the fuel. As a result, authoritative the butt liner blisters. So do not balloon to install the carburetor clarify variations in Honda Astrea Grand carburetor afterwards alteration the RX 100.

Estimated cost:

Refining the assimilation assorted = Rp 30,000

Karbu Yamaha RX 100 = Rp 140.000

Filter carburetor aberration = Rp 30,000

Total = ± Rp 200.000

Modifikasi Honda Astrea Grand 1994

In adjustment to accomplish added able Grand Astrea again, there are several accomplish that charge be done. First, assimilation assorted (goose neck) smoothed by abrading cardboard (cost ± Rp3orebu). Still not satisfied, the accepted carburetor Carburetor can be replaced with Yamaha's RX 100 (cost ± Rp140rebu). Guaranteed dispatch increases. Honda Fit X and Revo will not be able to accumulate up. Because the acceleration of X and Revo Fit afterwards casual a cardinal 95km/hour, the ascent actual slow. In fact, sometimes it is not increased. This is because there CDI Fit limiter on X and Revo.